Where do my fees go?

ASIS International Annual Dues

These dues, which are currently $195 annually, are set by the executive board of ASIS International at headquarters in Virginia.  These fees support their infrastructure for administrative staff, website, standards and guidelines (best practices) established, international scholarship funds and education programs (which local chapter members can participate in and be awarded), etc.  ASIS Foundation is yet another separate entity which is a non profit group comprised of associated members with the purpose of facilitation of funding for furthering the profession and giving back to the community.  The local chapter (ASIS Puget Sound in this instance) does not receive any direct monetary funds from either of these groups/associations.

ASIS Puget Sound Annual Chapter Dues

The local chapter, much like ASIS International, has costs associated with running the chapter.  Some examples of this include CPA fees for assisting with bookkeeping, audits & reviews, chapter website, awards for scholarships and volunteer achievement, supporting committees, supplies, and any other overhead needs for day-to-day business.  These fees are currently $40 annually per member to cover these expenses.

Are my local dues, chapter meeting fees, and event fees expenses tax deductible? 

Your support of ASIS is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes.  Your support of ASIS may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense. You should be sure to ask your employer, company accountant, or tax advisor about ASIS dues and regular meeting and event participation as a reimbursable and deductible business expense.  MORE>